We are an interdisciplinary research lab at Texas A&M University developing smart transportation solutions. Our vision is to develop efficient and safe interconnected transportation systems to enhance user experience and comfort. We investigate the effects of connectivity and automation on congestion, safety, emissions, and energy consumption through simulation and field tests with our autonomous vehicle.

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October 13,2017: Connie defended her MS thesis. She will soon join an engineering firm in Dallas, TX.

July 5,2017: David defended his MS thesis. He will join Texas A&M Transportation Institute as a researcher.

May 4,2017: Connie defended her MS thesis proposal

May 3,2017: David defended his MS thesis proposal

April 27, 2017: Jerry defended his MS thesis. He will continue his studies as a PhD Student in the Smart City Lab

Texas A&M will compete in GM/SAE AutoDrive Challenge. AutoDrive Challenge is a multidiciplinary competition to design a fully automated Chevy Bolt for the city environment to move safely along other vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians. Interested graduate students with expertise in machine learning and non-linear control are welcome to participate in this competition.

Interested undergraduate students in their senior year can register for ENGR 401 (and 402 in Spring), an interdisciplinary capstone design course that will focus on this competition. All other interested students, including students in their junior year, can register for this course as research hours. Moreover, students will have the chance to attend technology specific workshops to help them in their concept refinement and overall autonomous technical understanding.

We improve our automated vehicle design everyday. We will soon start developing 3D maps of the Texas A&M University campus that will be shared with industry and interested researchers.